Back Office:

This is a Windows based application that is used in house for all back office processing including clearing and trade execution actioned by back office operators instructed by traders, brokers or management, enabling all types of trades from stocks, certificates, bonds, derivatives, options & futures, contracts, commodities, FX currencies.

Online Trading Platform

This is a web based application, or windows trading tool, which traders can use to trade with live stock market instantly and swiftly, presenting charts, graphs and other facilities, it's connected to the main back office database system, so it's another angle where trades can be made and executed, providing convenience to traders.

Mobile Trading

Having developed mobile devices applications, we are able to use our experience in that, to provide mobile trading systems, enabling traders to trade on the move, on train, on holidays, without the need for carrying laptops.

Web Services/Middle Office

To enable our clients, their partners and suppliers, to exchange services with our clients, we are able to provide this service where they can interact to it directly to supply and demand data or execute bulk trades, this is of course very secured and efficient, to maximise data transfer speed.

Websites & Web Based Applications

Providing many kinds of websites from static to dynamic, financial or e-commerce solutions, for any purpose or business type, designed and developed to suit your business needs, using our resources and partners, ensuring the best product and services are provided to our clients.

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