Software/Web Technical Solutions

This is where our programmers and developers provide solutions for any software/Web or system need, using the latest technology in programming languages, tools and documentation, from analysis, to implementation and testing.

Brokerage & Trade Execution

This is where we are aiming to provide this new service, acting between the exchange and traders as brokers, which is an intermediate level to growing into an investment bank.

Trading & Investment Advices & Administration

Provided by experts in the stock market and investment banks, who have great experience working for the big banks in the UK and internationally, we can help with any investment advice, as well as administer it.

IT & Business Systems Analysis

Having qualified and experienced systems & business analysis, to provide feasibility studies, after a full analysis to your business and IT needs, saving you money, and providing the best suitable for your business.

IT Networking

Providing both, network setup and support, we have highly qualified and certified experts who are capable in managing your network resources.

Hardware & Desktop Support & Maintenance

An extensive range of services provided for all desktop and hardware, from purchase, to set up and support, by dedicated seniors supports experts providing 24hours support and services.

Cabling & Telephony Systems

From call centers cabling, to massive banks and mobile companies, we can provide the setup and support to the cabling and latest telephony technology, performed by our cabling experts who also have the honor in providing that service to the major companies in the UK.

Telesale & Marketing

Our partners have the long experience and success in providing excellent telesales services and marketing, can always work with us to satisfy our clients, providing the best possible services.


Our partners have the great and well recognized service in recruitment, which is another reason why we are considered a one-stop-shop for investment banking firms.

Direct Marketting

Another on demand service that we provide our clients, is another one-stop-shop mailing service, where you ask you to provide a list of your contacts to be mailed, and we do all the work using our partner companies, minimizing the time for our clients to focus on what they are best at.

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